Are you unable to deposit funds in PrimeDice due to the country you're located in?

You'll see this message when you try and Deposit:

"Your IP appears to be from the United States or another restricted jurisdiction. As a result, you will be limited to the free version of Primedice."

Using a VPN and connecting via, say, Netherlands (many other countries also work) - then hitting refresh on PrimeDice, will reveal your deposit address. Then you can disconnect and play as normal, you only need to connect via a different country for a moment while you grab your deposit address. To withdraw winings, there's no need to connect to VPN regardless of where you're located. Using a VPN is also a good way to keep your internet browsing private in general, many individuals now opt to use a VPN for all their internet activity (leaving it on 24/7). If you download things like torrents, this can protect you from potential legal threats, this factor alone would make a VPN worthwhile. It also allows you to view geo-blocked content, if that's an issue in your area. I've tried many different providers over the years, there are 1000's on the market today. For years, has been reliable, fast and (most importantly!) they operate very skillfully on a technical level to keep you safe. There is a $2 USD starter package avaliable which does everything you need, if you like it and want more capacity - it's easy to upgrade to a package which can manage that, for a few dollars a month you'll have all your bases covered VPN wise.


Also, a warning about PrimeDice.. The longer you play, the more that 1% house edge is going to catch up with you..

If you manage to make a nice win early on, it's best to walk away ASAP ;)

More info re: VPN's below, I shall update this with more providers/reviews over time, for now, here are a couple I've tried with success.


High Quality VPN Providers

> As a general rule, expect to pay *roughly* $5/mo for a High Quality VPN Solution for a household of Average Internet Usage <

For 95% of situations, this is all you'll need. You'll know if you need a more expensive package ($10/mo or max $20/mo), but that's for high-volume/special case users.


VPN Service Name:
Price Options:
Personally Tested Status:
VPN Services:

Starts at $2 for a basic 72h Trial plan.

Easy to upgrade if you're satisfied with the Trial.

The $5/mo plan provides enough features/data any regular internet user would be satisfied with it.

For more advanced/heavy usage users, there's a $10/mo and $20/mo plan packed with features.

Tested, works very well.

(Depends on the package, $5/mo option has everything you'll generally need.)

Plenty of options to Upgrade if needed.

Starts at $3.99/mo for a full-service solution.
Testing, so far so good.
Access to all 54 Countries, 190 Locations
PPTP / L2TP / SSTP / OpenVPN Protocols
3 Simultaneous Connections from same place
Absolutely No Logs
Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
P2P / Torrents Enabled
128-256 bit AES & 2048 bit RSA Encryption
Roku, Chromecast, XBox, PS3, Apple TV & SmartTV Support via DD-WRT
24/7/365 Technical Support

What are the advantages of installing a VPN?

Access websites and media without restrictions based on your home country:

VPN allows you to route your traffic through secure Private Networks in countries of your choice. If you're trying to view content which isn't accessible from your home country, simply select the appropriate country for the content you wish to access, it will appear to the website you're trying to access that you're accessing it from the country of your choice.

Example: Australians can't view certain media when coming from an Aussie ISP, simply connecting to your VPN in a different country (say, USA) - and the page will load as if you're visiting it from inside the USA.

Download Adult Content or Torrents without fear of legal action:

Connecting to a VPN before downloading a torrent file/adult fim, allows you to maintain your Privacy. All over the world, companies are staring to threaten users with legal action if they feel they've illegally downloaded their work. They may not even be correct, as the method for pinpointing the exact individual who downloaded a torrent isn't always accurate.

In the case of Adult Content, the legal letters are more like a request for a payment (usually a few thousand dollars), they figure you'd rather pay a few thousand dollars to keep it quiet and make it go away - rather than go to court to contest the time you alledgedly downloaded "Gay Porn Extravaganza XIII", "Teen Fuck Sluts" and whatever else you may or may not have downloaded. Even if you're in the right here, and they've made a mistake by identifying you as the downloader, most people will not go to court to prove their innocence but simply pay the $x,xxx fine to make it go away quietly. Some Adult companies have made this part of their business model, in the face of declining sales, hiring a lawyer to serve up everyone they can easily identify as having downloaded their content can be a profitable stratergy.

Simply running a VPN when you access any Adult Content prevents this issue from ever coming up, and it also keeps your exact browsing history - every website you ever visited, every file downloaded, etc, between you and the VPN. The VPN keeps no logs, unlike many ISP's - in some countries it's required by law to keep a certain number of days/months of customers history. Without the VPN running, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have a detailed log of all your online activities. Considering how easy and affordable it is to install a VPN, the increased privacy one gains from this makes it well worth the minimal effort to use a VPN. The connection speed is almost exactly the same these days too, so for a few dollars per month you're giving yourself considerable peace of mind.

[I'll add more notes on VPN's and the benefit they can provide shortly, those two are the basics (most important) but there's some more benefits which come from doing your internet browsing via VPN.]